Patrick Dantressangle


My latest up to date resume/CV is maintained here in LinkedIn.
I also keep research resumes/CVs up to date here in ResearchGate and in

Here below is an old write up not maintained anymore.

Since January 2003, I work for IBM UK in Hursley.
IBM Hursley is located in the very beautiful Hursley park, not far from Winchester.
IBM @ Hursley Park
I'm currently a Master Inventor, STSM, Big Data Architect working in the Weather Company Data and Analytics Team.
I've been involved in Big Data and Analytics projects and technologies (including AI),design and implementation of solutions and related products since 2009.
I apply Innovation to R&D application design and architecture.
I have proven working knowledge of the core Hadoop ecosystem (Hive,Spark,Streams,Hbase) internally and with customer projects
I provide vision and direction for the integration of various platforms (Cloud, Hybrid,...)
I have proven experience in AI,machine learning, data warehouse, database architecture and RDBMS migration of all kinds internally and with customer projects.
I have working knowledge of software development tools and methodologies,
and I able to simply and clearly communicate technical design in conversation, documentation and presentations.

In the past, I was involved in projects related to...

My last DB2 Development project was to work on the latest version of DB2 V9.7 product With the Toronto development Team, released mid 2009.
The following Redbook explains the new DB2 PL/SQL capabilities:"Oracle to DB2 Conversion Guide: Compatibility Made Easy,SG24-7736-00"

I have always been concerned about how to build RDBMS related applications efficiently.
Therefore project of great interest to me is how we can build seamless data layer that abstracts out the complexity of RDBMs and can cope with all the difficult IT issues without compromising on performance or semantics.
Being involved in the ITA research projects: (International Technology Alliance in Network and Information Science), gave me and the co-authors the opportunity to come up with a lightweight federation engine focused on MANETS (the most challenging networks of information) to bridge data assets spread around in current IT world, therefore bringing the edge of the IM network closer to the center at lower cost : A Smarter Planet kind of scenario focused on data and federation.
From these ideas and with the local IBM UK Emerging Technology Services team and other ITA researchers, we released in December 2008 the Gaian Database (aka GaianDB):This is a new lightweight federation engine technology at the intersection of the folowing world: RDBMS,information federation, Mobile ad-hoc networks (MANETS), cloud computing and grid, autonomics and semantics.
Sound complicated ? Take a look at the GaianDB description and give it a try!

In 2005, a previous attempt to do this with different concepts, my team released a technology that combined both GRID OGSA-DAI V6.0 and the Websphere Information Integrator V8.2 technology (renamed Federation Server since then). This technology is now retired, superseeded by the GaianDB. You can still find the developerWorks article here : "Bridging the integration gap, Part 1: Federating grid data" and the technology could be downloaded here: "Grid Wrapper for WebSphere Information Integrator".

Between 1996 and 2002, I worked for the IBM Silicon Valley Laboratory (San Jose CA) formerly known as Santa Teresa Laboratory.


Between 2000 and 2002, my responsabilities and work assigments were in the migration and integration tools department at the IBM Silicon Valley Laboratory. Initially one of the two lead architects of the IBM migration toolkit, I ended up being the manager of the development team. The purpose of my department(15 persons in 2002) was to develop and release RDBMS migration tools, written in JAVA, that could convert any competitor database (Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, ORACLE, Informix) schema, data and business logic (T-SQL, PL-SQL) to DB2 UDB on windows/Unix platforms. It was mainly about writing SQL compilers without the optimizers.
With my team, we released the IBM MTK for Oracle, Sybase, MS SQL Server and Informix that you can download for FREE here at this URL:

The other IBM projects I worked on previously were :

IBM is a great and huge company : this offers you many possibilities to work on different projects, different technologies, different teams without having to leave the company. It's marvelous and full of opportunities!
For instance I have a bunch of patents, from how to stress large web site to make sure they scale up, to new lightweight federation capabilities : Here are some of my patents, not including the pending ones for obivous reasons!

By the way, working in the Silicon Valley was a dream, since I was 14 ...
That came true in 1996 !

And before IBM,before 1996...
  • Graduated from MBDS Sophia Antipolis: Master in computer Science specialized in Relational/Object Databases and informational systems. I passed this MASTERE in one year, after 11 years of work in different fields (see below).
  • Aquarel : My last job and company in France. I worked there as an technical database consultant specialized in SYBASE,ORACLE and Microsoft SQL Server databases. I worked on many large Client Server projects, using if possible Object Technologies, focusing on getting very fast SQL applications. Some common achievements were to reduce execution times of applications from hours down to minutes or even seconds. That was challenging and fun!!! ;-)
  • And before 1993, I worked in many companies with different jobs, in different fields:
  • Client/Server projects with SYBASE for R2DII(France)
  • Smart Cards (CP8), network drivers and security processor(PASCAM) for Ausy Telecam (France)
  • Electronic Archiving Systems like Texto for ChemDATA(France),later bought by CINCOM
  • CASE tools for SITM (France)
  • Electronic security systems (France)

    Analytics: SPARK,R,Python,SPSS and AI/ML techniques.
    Programming Languages : JAVA (Eclipse development environment), javascript,python, C++/C, Delphi V7&V8,ObjectView, Objective C (on NeXT), Visual Basic, T/SQL, PL/SQL.
    All Relational Databases and architecture around Information management related products and concerns. Federation and EII technologies : Websphere federation Server,Datastage and so on
    Web related technologies and architecture : web services stuff and focused on WEB performance and scalability, HTML, XML,JSP,PhP,Net.Data, ICAPI, FASTCGI,... and all other common web development tooling and so on...even though I don't have the time to be bleeding edge on the tooling.